Wednesday, March 19, 2008

When Musicologists do Memes

I picked this up from Phil Ford at Dial M for Musicology, who in turn got it from the marvelously-titled musikwissenbloggenschaft. Voila my indie rock album cover: Granted, it's no "Manchester Center for New Writing," but I'm pretty happy with it. "Institute" is an awesome name for a band. It sounds more to me like a synth-pop group than an indie rock band, or maybe an industrial/noise outfit. I was especially happy with the "men hate it most" - "most men hate it" potential. So here's what you do:

  1. Your band name is the first random Wikipedia article you pull up.
  2. Your album title is the last four words of the last quote on this page.
  3. Your album cover is the third picture featured here.
  4. PhotoShop them together
  5. Post (preferably with some sort of hypothesis as to what this album would sound like)
I'm thinking of trying a few more of these, although maybe I should just try the song-lyric generator idea instead....

5 people have weighed in:

TeacherRefPoet held forth

I saw my band name was "Must Love Dogs." Then I became discouraged and quit the music business.

Michael held forth

Pioneer 11: ...of those events themselves

Anonymous held forth

That looks a Smiths cover:

Men hate it most
When beans on toast
Is served up for their dinner.

But give them meat
Of medium heat
You'll always find a winner.

And you wonder why I didn't stay at that recording studio in Pataskala to make my fortune.

Alison held forth

I assumed your reasons could be summed up in the phrase "recording studio in Pataskala."

tommyspoon held forth

Ok, here's my entry.

I'm pretty sure that this is some sort of Metallica/Tool hybrid band. With a bit of Death in Vegas thrown in for good measure.