Wednesday, March 19, 2008

When Musicologists do Memes

I picked this up from Phil Ford at Dial M for Musicology, who in turn got it from the marvelously-titled musikwissenbloggenschaft. Voila my indie rock album cover: Granted, it's no "Manchester Center for New Writing," but I'm pretty happy with it. "Institute" is an awesome name for a band. It sounds more to me like a synth-pop group than an indie rock band, or maybe an industrial/noise outfit. I was especially happy with the "men hate it most" - "most men hate it" potential. So here's what you do:

  1. Your band name is the first random Wikipedia article you pull up.
  2. Your album title is the last four words of the last quote on this page.
  3. Your album cover is the third picture featured here.
  4. PhotoShop them together
  5. Post (preferably with some sort of hypothesis as to what this album would sound like)
I'm thinking of trying a few more of these, although maybe I should just try the song-lyric generator idea instead....

Friday, March 14, 2008

Romper Room

Things I didn't know were toys until I had a son:

  • pillows
  • an empty Kleenex box
  • a square piece of cardboard that came in the bottom of a packing box
  • a spoon
  • the stereo (last night he programmed it to come on at midnight and play jazz - we did not know it was programmable)
  • an empty film canister
  • junk mail
  • an empty container for wipes
  • the television remote
  • a coaster
  • Joe

Friday, March 07, 2008

It has begun

All day yesterday, the local weather prognosticators were hyping the next storm of the century. Eight inches over two days, which is what our area should get, is hardly legendary, but it is a fair amount for March. The flurries have begun in earnest now. Luckily, I have no place to be for the next few days, aside from a short trip down the road (walkable, if need be) to pick up the Munchkin from school. On the other hand, I do have lots of writing to do - one paper due on Monday, and a meeting with my thesis adviser on Wednesday. It seems the best plan of action is to hunker down with a cup of coffee, get to work, and put off thoughts of spring cleaning for a while.