Saturday, April 18, 2009


It's late for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, but our indoor peas have started getting blossoms! Pods cannot be far behind.

Oh, and I promise to blog about something besides peas in the next day or so. The Munchkin turns two today, and there's plenty of blog fodder there.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Past the worst

The cold snap seems to be at an end. It's still chilly, but not so much as to be deadly to the plants. The watercress came through just fine, and if I lost any leeks I cannot tell. We did lose my two tallest pea vines, though. Three emerged unscathed, but those two took a beating one night when we forgot to go out to cover them until around 2am. Oops.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Just when I'd put the mittens away...

You can always tell when it's the height of spring in Gambier. Today, for instance: the daffodils have been up for a week and are in full glorious bloom in the woods. The Munchkin's climber and slide are out in the yard, and play-sand has made its way onto the shopping list. The crocuses are long gone, with only their little variegated leaves as a clue to where they once were. The hyacinths are up, and the ones on the south side of the house have bloomed. I've hung my clothesline. The white star magnolia is in bloom, and the pink is ready to go at any moment.

It is 29F outside.

This cold snap should ease up soon, but I've heard calls for freezes over the weekend, too, so every evening I've been going out and giving the snap pea vines a little insulation in the form of, believe it or not, packing material. My in-laws sent the Munchkin some Winnie-the-Pooh M&Ms for his Easter basket, and the company they bought them from used a fairly ludicrous volume of bubble wrap and one of those large inflatable pads to line the box. Honestly, you'd think they were sending a Ming vase.

Whatever the environmental headache it causes in the making, this stuff makes awesome insulation for the peas. Each vine got a bit of bubble wrap, then was covered with either the box or the big inflat-a-thingy. This was especially handy, since some of the older vines had already started climbing up the lace curtain I'm using as a makeshift trellis.

I didn't get out to cover the peas that first night (34, they said. Feh), and one of the vines looks to already have some damage, but hopefully nothing lethal. The leeks aren't out of the ground yet, so I think they should still be fine, and I am sure the watercress can handle the cold.

Indoors, there are four parsley sprouts up, and three fresno chiles. I was planning on starting the cucumbers and king pao hybrid peppers this week, but they may end up taking a back seat to thesis-writing, house-cleaning, and prepping for the Munchkin's birthday. Still, I'm just itching for this last cold spell to end, so I can open the house windows, air out the place, and get back out into the garden for longer than a few minutes at a time.