Saturday, November 29, 2008

This never happens to me...

Actual lyrics to a song that was written today about my son (courtesy of a 6-year-old friend):

Super [Munchkin] Rock Star!
Flying to his concert!
Petting all the kitties,
Fighting off the penguins
and polar bears!
To give you a better idea, the music was what Joe has decided to term "toddler-core." Think Trogdor, but without the burnination. Evidently, this was actually only the best of many songs written about the Munchkin tonight, and he indicated his approval by trying to dance on a table.

Seriously - my kid is just way cooler than I have ever been. Must be a recessive gene somewhere.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Shmack Friday

Things we did today that did not involve holiday shopping:

  • slept in WAAAAAY past 4am
  • finished cleaning up from last night's dinner
  • kicked a ball around the yard with the Munchkin
  • read an entire magazine cover-to-cover
  • read books with the Munchkin
  • moved the rain barrel to the barn for the winter
  • moved the pumpkins from the porch to the compost
  • watched the Munchkin practice going up and down the steps
  • refilled the bird feeders
  • made and ate yummy oyster stew
Now, I will admit that we needed to go to Kroger for bacon and half-and-half for the stew, and we stopped through Lowe's to replace my busted garage door opener, so I suppose we did contribute a little bit to retail numbers for the day. Still, I'd rather have had this day than to have spent it battling crowds and looking for bargains.