Friday, March 14, 2008

Romper Room

Things I didn't know were toys until I had a son:

  • pillows
  • an empty Kleenex box
  • a square piece of cardboard that came in the bottom of a packing box
  • a spoon
  • the stereo (last night he programmed it to come on at midnight and play jazz - we did not know it was programmable)
  • an empty film canister
  • junk mail
  • an empty container for wipes
  • the television remote
  • a coaster
  • Joe

6 people have weighed in:

Michael held forth

I learned about the Kleenex box from having a cat. Specifically, Chloe getting her head stuck in one of the little cube-shaped ones and then trying (unsuccessfully) to back away from it. Then freaking out and running around the room backwards and blind while we tried to catch her to take the box off her head. Yeah, good times.

And c'mon, even I knew about that last one.

Joe held forth

Hey! I... ah...


Alison held forth

What I think is funny is that he doesn't really do the baby-game of picking things up and putting them in containers. Instead, he takes the empty container, puts it up to his mouth, and then babbles into it as loudly as possible.

As for Joe? Well... yeah.

lemming held forth

Have you tried toilet paper tubes?

Alison held forth

Ooh - haven't tried those yet, Lemming. On the other hand, we got a TON of mileage tonight out of a yogurt cup with a handful of beans in it.

lemming held forth

Empty soda bottles also endlessly entertaining.