Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Magic beans

You know how you sometimes get those really cool-looking purple beans at farmers markets and the like? And it is always disappointing when you cook them, because they turn the same relatively boring green color as every other bean?

Try this recipe. You'll thank me. Even without the chive blossom vinegar, it rocks.

4 people have weighed in:

lemming held forth

I tend not to trust purple foods, but I'l take your word for it. :-)

Alison held forth

Really? Not even...I dunno...grapes?

Seriously, they taste exactly like the green kind. They just look way cooler.

lemming held forth

Oops, I forgot grapes. The purple ones are much better, seedless or seeded.

Never have warmed to eggplant or turnips - I wonder what those purple potatoes Alton Brown used taste like?

Alison held forth

I have had blue potatoes - they pretty much just taste like potato. The color was pretty unappetizing when they were cooked, though. I put them in potato salad once, and it kinda looked grey. Ick.