Monday, August 18, 2008


As I have watched the Olympic coverage over the past week, the following thoughts have stuck in my mind:

  • What does Al Trautwig do with the rest of his time? I feel like they must keep him in suspended animation, and only thaw him out every four years.
  • I would like to see a tickertape parade through Baltimore. Does anyone even have tickertape anymore?
  • Dara Torres is two years older than me, with a two-year-old daughter, and has medaled in all three events she participated in. Constantina Tomescu Dita is a year younger, with a teenage son, and won the women's marathon by a tremendous margin. I have spent the better part of the morning unsuccessfully hunting for the Munchkin's right shoe. Perhaps I should consider a multivitamin?

3 people have weighed in:

Jeanne held forth

You should consider buying another pair of shoes, especially while he's still small enough that they're affordable! I always buy my kids enough jeans that they can go for a week and a half without bugging me to do the laundry. Sometimes that's what it takes to retain some of my sanity.

Anonymous held forth

Trautwig does the Tour de France coverage for Versus (formerly OLN) and he is equally as horrendous. I don't understand the commentators going on and on about how difficult to understand the new gymnastics scoring system is. They've used a similar system in diving for years. I still don't understand wrestling scoring. "Alles klar, Herr Trautwig?"

I assume that, if I was on a parade route and had to throw something festive out the window, it would be shredded documents.

Tomescu Dita's performance was amazing, not only did she win by lots, she spent a good portion of the race that far ahead.

Alison held forth

As it happens, I located the missing shoe a few hours after posting this. It had gotten into a laundry basket, and I found it as I was moving the wash into the dryer. The Munchkin actually owns several pairs of shoes, but these are the only ones he really likes; the others have stiffer soles and I think he finds them uncomfortable. It's definitely time to order another pair of these, though.

The only thing confusing about the gymnastics scoring is the idea that something as subjective as the execution score could be broken down to a hundredth of a point.