Thursday, February 21, 2008

Latest Trick

The Munchkin has a new skill as of about a week ago: he can now push from lying down to sitting up. (He's been able to stay sitting if placed that way for four months now, but hadn't been able to work out getting his legs out of the way to push himself to a seated position). Since he has figured out how to do this, he seems to love nothing better than flinging himself forward and face-planting on our bed, so that he can push himself up again. This has had occasionally hilarious results, as when he decided he wanted to push himself up while nursing, and ended up on his hands and knees like a dog drinking from a hydrant. He has gone through this process with each new trick he learns. While I was teaching him to sit up, pulling him up by his hands, at one point he stiffened himself and found himself standing. Once that happened, he showed no interest whatsoever in sitting for a few weeks, and simply would not bend in the middle. Then once he figured out how to sit on his own, supporting himself, standing with help from me became less appealing, until (of course) he pulled himself up. It has made me wonder - what was the last new thing I learned that excited me that much? The closest thing I could think of was learning about how mirrors are used in film-making. They are frequently used to signify a divided self or conflicting desires. After I learned that bit of information, I started noticing the mirrors in every television show and movie I saw. Not quite as cool as pushing up, but maybe it's a similar process? So, now the question goes to you (all three of you): what was the last new thing you learned that really excited you?

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Anonymous held forth

Very cool. I can still remember the girls learning that as well.

Let's see, the last new thing. Every new successful Access query I put together gives me a little shock of excitement. . . .

Not the same, huh.

PS you need to get a "friends and family" in A through G. :-)

Anonymous held forth

The history and inner workings of the Presidential Primary system. Not nearly as exciting as the little one's latest accomplishment - my discovery was simultaneously exciting and depressing.

Alison held forth

PQV - I'm with you on the Access queries. I am the same way with regular expressions. Oh, and the real problem is that my A-G friends and family need to start blogs *grin*

Swankette - Were you able to figure out the Texas primary-caucus combination thing? That system just seems unnecessarily Byzantine...

lemming held forth

When I figured out the trope for the murder mystery of the moment - a very campy mystery, so the trope was campy, but very hilarious. I read the remaining 200 pages with grtta glee.

Alison held forth

Ooh - what murder mystery, Lemming?

TeacherRefPoet held forth

Yeah--it's all about Access databases for me right now. Playing with my baseball megamutha (3300 batter lines, 1100 pitcher lines, nearly 3 seasons to go) is just flat fun.